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Roof Inspection & Maintenance Specifications
Inspection of the following items:
•Roof Maintenance
•Perimeter Flashings
•Equipment Curb Flashings
•Roof Penetrations
•Drainage Details
•Walk Treads

MOISTURE SCAN - Perform random moisture scan with a capacitance meter at applicable roof areas.

NBC also offers Infrared Surveys in which we conduct moisture scans using an infrared camera to capture thermographic images of the roof system.
Remove debris from roof, drains and gutters. Photograph existing conditions.
Perform minor repairs on the following items:
•Fractured Blisters (Built-up Roofs)
•Delaminated Seams (Single-Ply Roofs)
•Dislodged Insulation (Protected Membrane Roofs)
•Roof Membrane Splitting/Holes
•Open Flashing Joints
•Flashing Splitting/Holes
•Denuded Areas
•Pitch Pans

Report - Submit report with roof plan and photographs detailing observations/recommendations.               

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Clay Tile Restoration

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Memorial Building

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With Infrared Survey, all areas of moisture detected will be identified on a roof diagram
and a report with detailed recommendations will be provided.

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